Lyft Shooting Lawsuits

Lyft Shooting Lawsuits

Lyft shootings have been extensively covered in the media. The same is true for Uber-related shootings. While Lyft has taken steps forward by improving safety features, many users have continued to hold Lyft accountable for various matters of negligence.

Drivers, passengers, and by-standers have all been affected by shootings involving Lyft services. Other assaults that users have been victims of include sexual assault, rape, kidnapping and carjacking. In some cases, Lyft can be found liable for negligence. Shootings may also involve physical assault. Below are two examples of shootings linked to Lyft services.

Lyft Driver Shot by Teen in Michigan

In Pontiac, Michigan, a female Lyft driver was shot and killed by her passenger. Officials stated they believed they had driven seven miles when the passenger pulled out the gun and fired from the back seat, striking the driver in the back of the head. She was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead. The shooter was eventually taken into custody and charged with open murder and one other charge.

Lyft Driver Killed by Passenger in Indiana

A Lyft driver was shot and killed by his passenger in Indianapolis, Indiana. The driver was found dead in a grassy area and was later identified by his wife. The passenger reportedly cleaned up the SUV and used it to go to a family function. Detectives used GPS to find their suspect. The suspect allegedly changed his story when speaking with the police from finding the SUV running to killing his driver in self-defense over a money dispute. The man was charged with murder, robbery, and theft.

Filing a Lawsuit for a Lyft Shooting

Filing a lawsuit against Lyft can feel like a big step and, yet, there can be many benefits to taking this step. Rideshare lawyers keep companies like Lyft accountable. When large companies face lawsuits, it can influence company policy to keep other users safe in the future. Gaining compensation from a lawsuit can also help you with needs that are related to the incident including expenses like healthcare bills, psychotherapy, or loss of income due to an injury. A qualified Lyft lawyer can file a lawsuit on your behalf.

Whether you are filing this lawsuit yourself or you are filing it on behalf of a deceased loved one, you will likely have access to both medical documentation and police reports. These documents can be important in the litigation process. Victims or witnesses should write down or record their experiences as soon as they feel ready. Important details to include are:

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