Personal Injury

Negligent and reckless conduct by one or more people or companies often has tragic consequences, causing serious injury and death. Victims who have been injured and families who have lost loved ones deserve justice. We work tirelessly to bring justice to these people.

Boarding School Abuse

Boarding School Abuse»

Perhaps as strong and enduring as any other effects on a survivor of abuse are the shame and guilt that can be overwhelming and debilitating, compounded by a resulting mistrust of others and avoidance of any acknowledgement or conversation concerning the abuse. We recognize how difficult and oftentimes frightening acknowledging the abuse and describing it can be. More than 60 private schools in New England have accusations of sexual abuse occurring on their campuses. The Meneo Law Group is an advocate for those who have been victims of abuse on a boarding school campus and will fight for justice on their behalf.


Cycling Accidents»

Managing partner Ron Michael Meneo is a long-time avid cyclist and nationally ranked, triathlete who has attained "All American" distinction by USA Triathlon several times over the last 20 years. Drawing from his personal cycling and triathlon experience, his work as a race organizer and member of the USA Triathlon Legal Committee and his legal experience, Ron has a keen understanding and grasp of cycling accidents, safety and liability issues and cyclist concerns that benefit his clients.

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