Other Sexual Abuse Cases

Health Care Professionals - Photo by: ijeab

Sexual Abuse by Health Care Professionals»

When being seen by a health care professional there is an expectation of trust that the patient will not be victimized. As a patient, the medical provider you are seeing should create an environment where you can ask questions, have someone else in the room with you, request a provider of the same gender, have privacy, undress to your comfort level,to the extent necessary and only for the length of the exam. Of course, it’s your right to end the exam at any time. Unfortunately, there are cases where that expectation and trust were broken.

College Professors - Photo by: Kristian Sekulic

Sexual Abuse by College Professors»

Most college professors have a code of conduct mandated by their employer. Every college has a sexual harassment policy, and many have policies that prohibit undergraduate student–faculty relationships. Even though both parties are likely to be consenting adults there are a few reasons this policy exists. The relationship would create a conflict of interest, there is a power dynamic between student and faculty, and with that power comes the idea that there cannot be a relationship of mutual consent. Unfortunately, even with these policies, sexual abuse by college professors still occurs.


Sexual Abuse by Coaches»

A coach has the opportunity to be a supportive and nurturing role model, and to help an athlete succeed in ways they didn’t know were possible. Unfortunately, with the wrong intentions, that relationship can become abusive. It can start with years of grooming and the sense that “favors are owed.” A relationship with a coach can feel like a trusted relationship with a friend or family member which a predator can use as an opportunity to take advantage of those vulnerabilities.

Employers - Photo by: andriano.cz

Sexual Abuse by Employers»

Sexual assault in the workplace is unfortunately all too common. Employers have an obligation to keep their employee safe. Nonetheless, whether the abuser is the employer, a boss, a fellow employee or a third–party visiting the place of employment, employees can be vulnerable and subject to sexual abuse or harassment.

Religious Organizations

Other Religious Abuse »

The Catholic Church has a well–documented history of sexual abuse across the United States and the world. The Meneo Law Group has represented many clients in their fight for justice against the church. Unfortunately, there are many other religious organizations that have also seen men and woman of power within their ranks take advantage of their positions to perpetrate sexual abuse against their followers. The Meneo Law Group is prepared to serve any victim of institutional sexual abuse regardless of where the abuse occurred.

At the Y

Sexual Abuse at the YMCA»

The YMCA is a non–profit organization that is meant to bring communities together through connections, empowering young people, improving health, and inspiring action. Unfortunately, there have been predators that take advantage of the large population of young people that use “the Y’s” resources.

Jesuit Schools

Sexual Abuse at Jesuit Schools »

There are many reports of sexual abuse perpetrated by Jesuit priests and brothers with abuse alleged to have occurred at several Jesuit Universities or Colleges. One public database of clergy that have been credibly accused of sexual abuse lists more than 300 Jesuit order clergy members as abusers.

Case Evaluation

Case Evaluation »

Legally, a survivor of sexual abuse perpetrated by a healthcare professional, college professor, coach, employer or member of the YMCA or other religious organization, may recover financial compensation from the abuser and, more commonly, from the employing company for its failure to protect you from the abuse, as well as potential failures or deficiencies in its process of reviewing and responding to the survivor’s report of the abuse. If you are a survivor of sexual abuse and would like to confidentially discuss your situation and your legal options, we are prepared to talk with you.


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