Reasons to Hire

  1. Our Mission is Excellence

    Meneo Law Group's team of dedicated professionals strives for excellence in all that we do. Our mission is to provide our clients with effective, professional and thorough legal representation and to do so in a diligent and ethical manner that helps our clients achieve and maximize their legal objectives.

  2. Thorough and Diligent Review and Analysis of Your Case

    Meneo Law Group thoroughly and diligently reviews cases that we have identified as having the potential for litigation. If your case satisfies our initial screening, you can be assured that we will rigorously analyze the available information to determine if your case satisfies our criteria for litigation.

  3. Proven Track Record

    Meneo Law Group has a proven track record of success for our clients. For over twenty years, we have represented clients and assisted them to achieve favorable recoveries for their injuries.

  4. Excellent Legal Representation

    For over twenty years, we have provided our clients with excellent legal representation. When combining with other lawyers nationwide to prosecute a particular case, we form alliances with other leading attorneys who have a reputation for effective and diligent representation of their clients.

    We have been awarded an AV® rating from Martindale Hubbell, the widely recognized and premier national attorney ratings organization. The AV® rating is only awarded to attorneys who, in the opinions of their peers, possess high to preeminent legal ability based on one's expertise, experience, integrity and overall professional excellence.

  5. Attention to Detail

    In all of our work, we pay careful attention to detail and to the subtleties of a case that enable us to maximize any recovery we are able to achieve on behalf of our client.

  6. Dedication to our Craft

    Meneo Law Group is dedicated to providing our clients with excellent legal representation. To do so, we are regularly updating our knowledge in particular areas of law and other areas that bear directly on our clients' cases. We regularly attend professional conferences at which developments in both law and science are discussed and reviewed that directly affect our clients' cases.

  7. Access to Leading Experts

    In complex litigation, law and science are inextricably related to the prosecution of any particular case. In pharmaceutical and other product liability cases, expert testimony is required to show that the drug or other product caused the plaintiff's injury. Through Meneo Law Group's professional affiliations and network, we have access to experts who are recognized as leaders in their field.

  8. Updates on Litigation

    Often, a client's case is one of many cases being prosecuted nationwide that claim similar injury caused by the same product. In such cases, nationwide developments can affect each individual case. When necessary, we provide our clients with updates concerning developments in nationwide litigation that affect their individual cases.

  9. Concern for Your Well-being as well as Your Legal Rights

    Our concern is not limited to the protection and enforcement of your legal rights. We care about your well-being and appreciate your plight as a victim of wrongdoing. To help you cope with the non-legal effects of your injury, we strive to keep you informed about developments in your case as well as in medicine. For clients who have suffered permanent injury that necessitates continuing medical treatment, we often provide information about new treatments and developments in medicine that could help them.

  10. No Fee Unless You Recover

    If you hire Meneo Law Group, you only pay us a legal fee if you obtain a recovery. This is called a "contingent fee" and enables you to proceed with your case without having to pay any legal fees unless you actually recover money in your case. Our fee is a percentage of the recovery and is explained in a retainer agreement that evidences the attorney-client relationship.


     Even more, during this time of struggle to settle my case for me, you treated me with kindness and a real caring attitude. Your sincerity was always evident in your words and actions. Any good lawyer can handle a case and possibly win. It takes a very special person to handle a difficult case successfully, and at the same time make your client feel that you care about them as individuals.

- Sharon Faye