A Note From Sharon Faye

Dear Ron,

I just wanted to send you this letter to thank you for all you did for me. There is very little that I know of that would let you know the depth of my appreciation. Saying thank you seems so trivial compared to the kindness and consideration you displayed to Robert and myself.

I know my case was a difficult one. At first, I thought it would be easy. However, as time went by, and more roadblocks began to surface, I felt that there was no hope. I had even thought about telling you to not waste your time any longer. As it turned out, my trust in you was not in vain. Through your efforts, and your expert knowledge, you were able to prevail even in the face of difficult, if not impossible odds, and for this Robert and I will be forever grateful. It may seem insignificant to some, but to us, this settlement has meant the difference of possibly losing our home and being destitute due to my medical costs, and having some sense of security and hope of continued medication and insurance. For me, this truly could be the difference between life and death. For my family and myself, you are our hero!

Even more, during this time of struggle to settle my case for me, you treated me with kindness and a real caring attitude. Your sincerity was always evident in your words and actions. Any good lawyer can handle a case and possibly win. It takes a very special person to handle a difficult case successfully, and at the same time make your client feel that you care about them as individuals.

I also would like to take this opportunity to thank your assistants, especially Dena. When she spoke with me, she always expressed a concerned and a caring attitude. I never felt that it would be an imposition to call her or ask questions. She made me feel confident and secure that I was in good hands, and that everyone would do their best for me.

Again, "thank you" is so insufficient for how Robert and I feel. I will keep you in my prayers, and will forever be grateful.

Sincerest Thanks

A Note From Sherry Kitts-Greg

When my husband and I decide that we needed to find a lawyer to defend him against a large pharmaceutical company the processed seamed over whelming. I knew we could not use a local law firm from our small town, so I jumped online and began my search. The firm I chose seamed like a good choice at the time, I filled out my online questionnaire and with in a few business days I had a legal assistant contacting me. I sent her all the items she wanted at that time and sat back and waited. Days turning into weeks, weeks turning into months and still . never speaking to a lawyer, when I called I always spoke with our attorney's assistance. I would ask her a question she then would call back after she had the answer. This became very old. Findley one day we did get our attorney on the phone at that time he began to tell us he did not think we had much of a case. My husband wanted to just give up at this point. I would not let it go, so on a Sunday I found myself back online, that is when I found Ron, I filled out his on line questionnaire and that afternoon on a Sunday Ron called me back himself!. I was floored, he listen to my story and told me he would help us, the next few days I began sending him all the items he would need. I called the "other" law firm and told my lawyer's assistant that we would notbe using their services, funny thing she had the lawyer on the phone with in minutes. I explain to him that we were going with another firm, he then stated "I am sure that made you many promises that they will no be able to keep." I told him the only promise they made at that time was that they would do their very best.

From that day forward we were in constant contact with Ron and he was were wonderful, always making us feel as if we were the firm's number one clients.

Anytime I called either one of them if they did not answer the phone they called me back that day, no matter what time of day, emails always answered! That just amazed me.

This has been a very long and hard process, my life was turned upside down through all of this, my husband and I divorced, but I never felt alone on this with Ron and the team - they are amazing hard working people. They brought in other lawyers for our case and each one of them where wonderful! This group of lawyers keep me strong when I times I just wanted to walk away from the whole thing. Saying thank you to this hard working team does not seam like enough. Ron and his firm were a God-Send and I will never forget them or the team that went above and beyond for me.

I do want to say thank you to each and every one of you that worked night and day, know that I will forever be thankful to you all.

Recent Client, Case Settled February 2019

(Some information redacted for client confidentiality)
Good afternoon Ron,

I got your text and thank you for checking up on me. In fact, I was planning to write you this evening after... so it was a nice coincidence that you sent me a text today.

First and foremost, …I am doing well…. Since…, I have been wondering how people that I do not know, have taken it upon themselves to take such very good care of, advocate for and treat me with such respect. I keep hoping that you guys have helped changed my perception - that ‘every…I meet just wants to abuse, hurt and use me. I have been hard on others … in the past 39 years, I have learned to not believe or trust … because my experience at the hands of that monster. Then I met my wonderful amazing team and now my heart is softening. And that is why I needed to meet … before I allow myself to believe in what you all did for me.

So, I want to take this opportunity to thank you Ron and the rest of the team for helping restore my faith in … and because of you, I will stop blaming … that comes into my life for what a few did to me. I am so very grateful to you all and I will remember your kindness until the day I die. Just to be clear, I cannot talk to you because I have not been able to stop crying every time I remember how hard you guys advocated for me, told … my story, yet made me feel safe.

Ron, thank you and please let everyone on my team know how I sincerely feel.

Many Blessings

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