About the Meneo Law Group

Managing Partner Ron Meneo

Practicing law for over 25 years, Attorney Meneo has a diverse professional resume. He is experienced in pharmaceutical and medical device litigation, sexual abuse litigation, securities litigation and arbitration, tax litigation, administration and planning, estate and will litigation and administration, and commercial transactions and litigation. AV® Rated by Martindale Hubbell - Attorney Meneo has been awarded an AV® rating from Martindale-Hubbell, the widely recognized and premier national attorney ratings organization. The AV® rating is only awarded to attorneys who, in the opinions of their peers, possess high to preeminent legal ability based on one's expertise, experience, integrity and overall professional excellence.

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Our Litigation Partners

The Meneo Law Group maintains working relationships with law firms throughout the United States who are at the forefront of specialized pharmaceutical and other litigation. Clients benefit from these relationships by having a team of very knowledgeable and seasoned attorneys representing their rights.

We strive to provide our clients with optimum and effective legal representation for their particular claims or applicable area of law. In doing so, and at no additional cost to any of our clients, we often “partner” with other attorneys and law firms who, in our estimation, have a proven track record of zealous advocacy and success. However, as the selection of a co-counsel/litigation partner is both a reflection of our professional values and commitment, our evaluation does not stop there. In assessing the suitability of law firms to serve as co-counsel/litigation partner for our clients, we also consider the following criteria:

  • Competence and experience in a particular area of complex litigation;
  • Leadership in the particular – oftentimes nationwide – subject matter litigation;
  • Standing and reputation among its professional peers and the judiciary;
  • Adequate human and financial resources to support and prosecute the litigation;
  • Responsiveness to client inquiries and sensitivity to individual situations;
  • Commitment to best practices – both as legal acumen and serving clients;
  • Commitment to maintain high ethical standards; and
  • Proven track record working and interfacing with Meneo Law Group and its clients.

Throughout the years, we have developed strong and enduring professional relationship with attorney and law firms who, in our estimation, satisfy the rigorous criteria identified above. Those firms and their brief profiles, listed in alphabetical order, are:

  • Ashcraft and Gerel, LP
  • The Gori Law Firm
  • Levin, Papantonio, Thomas, Mitchell, Rafferty, and Proctor, PA
  • Lopez McHugh, LLP
  • Lynch, Traub, Keefe and Errante, PC
  • Simmons Hanly Conroy, LLC
  • Simon Greenstone Panatier, PC
  • Ury and Moskow, LLC
  • Eric MacLeish – Clark Hunt Ahern and Embry

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Support Staff


Read what a few of our clients have to say about working with our firm.

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Reasons To Hire

  1. Our Mission is Excellence
  2. Thorough and diligent review and analysis of your case
  3. Proven Track Record
  4. Excellent Legal Representation
  5. Attention to Detail
  6. Dedication to our Craft
  7. Access to Leading Experts
  8. Updates on Litigation
  9. Concern for Your Well-being as well as Your Legal Rights
  10. No Fee Unless You Recover


     Ron was a God-Send and I will never forget him or the team that went above and beyond for me. I do want to say thank you to each and every one of you that worked night and day, know that I will forever be thankful to you all.

- Sherry Kitts-Greg