Jacqueline (Jackie) Downey

Jacqueline Downey Senior paralegal Jackie Downey is responsible for interviewing the firm's potential new clients, obtaining information about their potential cases and providing general information about the firm and its areas of practice.

She also works with the firm's clients - gathering information and records to confirm essential facts about their cases. With superior communication skills, Jackie prides herself on her responsiveness to the firm's clients and potential new clients.

A magna cum laude graduate of Southern Connecticut State University, Jackie's resume includes many years working in the financial services industry where her job responsibilities consistently included interaction with clients and customers as well as paralegal assistance with regulatory and legal compliance.

Thank you. Having you here to guide me through all the steps makes it less scary!
- Invokana client.


     Thank you Ron, for allowing me the formal platform to publicly say what happened to me in the early 1970’s. It may have not been the “jury of my peers” but it was a group of respected professionals who verbally confirmed to me that what “may have” happened… “it was not my fault”. I will say that I am now at a different place in my head; maybe starting to feel closure? When we initially communicated, I had no idea I would be writing this email. Please forgive my delay in expressing my appreciation to you for your guidance and support in this extremely difficult realization of my past. Judge [name redacted] stated that you were true advocates for the abused, and he is so right. If you can, please extend my deepest appreciation to Judge [name redacted] for his kindness and wisdom. Please continue to assist lost souls like myself. May you and your family be safe and healthy.

- A Client-Survivor of Clergy Childhood Sexual Abuse