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Invokana® (canagliflozin) is a drug prescribed to treat Type 2 diabetes. It belongs to a new class of drugs referred to as “Sodium Glucose co-transporter 2 (SGLT2) inhibitors.” Approved for sale by the FDA in 2013, Invokana® was the first of this new class to be sold in the United States. Invokana® and its related drugs, Invokamet and Invokamet XR are manufactured and sold by Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals. Other SGLT2 inhibitors - Farxiga® and Xigduo® XR (Astra Zeneca) and Jardiance® and Glyxambi® (Boehringer Ingelheim & Eli Lilly) – were subsequently approved for sale in the U.S. Each of these drugs comes in two forms: one as the sole drug and the other as a combination drug that includes the branded drug.

Invokana Amputations

Invokana® and SGLT2 Inhibitor Injury Risks »

In 2017 the FDA issued a Drug Safety Communication confirming that patients taking Invokana®, Invokamet® and Invokamet® XR are at an increased risk of leg and foot amputations and that the manufacturers (Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals) must include a “Black Box Warning” on the drugs’ labeling. The Drug Safety Communication was issued after the FDA reviewed data from two different clinical trials – the CANVAS and CANVAS-R studies. These data demonstrated that diabetes patients treated with Invokana®, Invokamet® and Invokamet® XR were twice as likely to require leg and foot amputations than those diabetes patients who were taking placebo (a non-drug). Also, on August 29, 2018 the FDA issued an urgent Safety Announcement to health care professionals and their patients. The Alert warned about the association between Invokana®, Invokamet®, Invokamet® XR, Jardiance®, Farxiga® and other SGLT2 diabetes medications and Fournier’s Gangrene, a life-threatening genital infection that can affect both men and women.

Case Evaluation

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We are currently accepting potential claims against the makers of Invokana®, Farxiga®, Jardiance® and other SGLT2 Inhibitors by users who have experienced serious adverse side effects including amputation of the legs, feet and/or toes, or Fournier’s Gangrene. If you or a loved one has been injured due to the use of Invokana®, Farxiga®, Jardiance® or any other SGLT2 Inhibitor, we would like to speak with you. Please call us toll-free at 1-888-276-3030 or send us your contact information and we will respond promptly.


Please fill in the form to request a FREE case evaluation from one of our attorneys if you or a loved one has suffered a Lower Limb Amputation or Fournier’s Gangrene (necrotizing fasciitis) while taking Invokana®, Invokamet® XR or other SGLT2 Inhibitors like Jardiance® or Farxiga®.

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