About Uber Assault Lawsuits

Uber Sexual AssaultSexual and physical assaults have happened throughout Uber’s history as a company. While Uber has improved its approach and handling of assaults that happen during Uber services, passengers and drivers continue to experience assault on the platform. Uber has been sued for its lack of protections for passengers and drivers.

Filing an Uber Lawsuit

Filing an Uber lawsuit many seem like difficult task. However, with a good Uber lawyer, it can actually be easier than you think. In addition to compensation you may receive, there may be other benefits. Many victims feel a sense of empowerment for themselves when making a lawsuit. Lawsuits can influence companies to make more changes that will potentially keep others safe. For your convenience, we have compiled information about filing an Uber claim in your state. You can receive a free case evaluation and learn about your legal rights by completing our form here.

Uber Sexual Assault Lawsuits

Uber began to release safety reports in 2019, after the company found themselves to be defendants in hundreds of lawsuits, despite having a policy of mandatory arbitration for sexual misconduct until 2018. Between 2017 and 2020, 9,805 cases of sexual assault ranging from “non-consensual sexual penetration” to “non-consenual kissing of a non-sexual body part” were reported to the platform from users and drivers. However, sexual assault is underreported, meaning there were likely more assaults that were left unreported. Filing a lawsuit may help you recover damages related to your Uber sexual assault.

Uber Rape Lawsuits

Uber-related rape, or what Uber calls “non-consensual sexual penetration”, is reported to the platform more than 100 times every year. From 2017 to 2020, 882 rape complaints were reported to Uber. Victims can be passengers or drivers. Most often the victim is a passenger. Individuals have sued Uber for events of rape that occur while they are using the rideshare service. Filing a lawsuit for your Uber rape case may lead to a settlement for your injury.

Uber Physical Assault Lawsuits

Physical assaults have also occurred for users of the Uber platform. The company currently only reports on homicides that occur through app, excluding other physical assault reports. In the Uber Safety Report, homicides are referenced as “fatal physical assaults”. However, physical assaults of all kinds have occurred on the platform. In the past, Uber has settled cases where physical assaults occur, sometimes while simultaneously denying wrongdoing. If you were the victim of an Uber-related physical assault, a rideshare attorney can file a lawsuit on your behalf. You may be entitled to compensation.

Uber Carjacking Lawsuits

Uber-related carjackings occur regularly. These assaults involve passengers or third parties carjacking, or attempting to carjack, the driver’s vehicle. Uber incentivizes drivers to complete rides through rewards, and thus drivers can be deterred from turning away passengers that they may predict to be unruly or dangerous. Uber can be slow to respond to law enforcement subpoenas and requests for information, putting other drivers in danger after serious incidents like carjackings. If you were the victim of an Uber carjacking, compensation may be available through a lawsuit.

Uber Kidnapping Lawsuits

There are many news stories about kidnappings that have occurred for those using the Uber platform. Uber does not include reporting on kidnapping in its safety reporting. However, kidnapping or false imprisonment are two charges that attackers are often charged with in cases involving Uber misconduct. Victims of kidnapping, most notably women, have filed lawsuits against Uber for their lax background check policies. Filing an Uber kidnapping lawsuit can help you recover damages and get justice for your case.

Uber Shooting Lawsuits

Shootings have occurred during Uber rideshare services. There have even been victims of drive-by shootings. Victims can be passengers or drivers. Many news outlets have covered Uber-related shootings. Drivers are at increased risk for death or injury at work compared to many other professions. Uber has been sued for its background check policy in relation to shootings that have occurred on its platforms. If you or a loved one was the victim of an Uber shooting, you may be able to seek compensation through a lawsuit. A qualified Uber lawyer can support you through this process and file the lawsuit on your behalf.

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