Uber Kidnapping and Abduction Lawsuits

Uber Kidnapping and Abduction Lawsuits

Uber kidnappings and abductions have been covered in the media. They often involve physical assault or sexual assault. They can also involve rape, carjacking or shooting. Since reporting on Uber kidnappings began, Uber has taken steps to improve safety features. But users continue to call out the company for negligence. Victims of kidnappings include drivers and passengers. In some cases, Uber can be held liable for negligence related to kidnapping and abductions.

Uber does not include kidnapping in its safety reporting, meaning that the public has not been made aware of the frequency of kidnapping reports made to the company by users. Lyft-related kidnappings have also occurred. Below are two examples of kidnapping cases related to Uber services.

Teen Arrested for Uber Kidnapping in Massachusetts

In Dracut, Massachusetts, a 17-year-old boy was arrested on felony charges connected with Uber kidnapping and a separate attempted carjacking. On a weekend morning, the teen allegedly brandished a firearm during an Uber ride, forcing his driver to drive him around the area at length. Eventually, the driver was allowed a stop at the gas station to fuel up, where it was reported the teen attempted to carjack a bystander but was unsuccessful. The teen allegedly left in another vehicle but turned himself in soon after.

Abducted Teen Wakes Up 31 Miles from Destination

In South Texas, an Uber driver was arrested after he drove some 31 miles past his passenger’s destination. He had allegedly offered his passenger, a 16-year-old male, a drink that knocked out the passenger. When the passenger awoke at a location he did not recognize, he quickly went to a nearby house asking for help. Morin was charged with indecency with a child.

Filing an Uber Kidnapping or Abduction Lawsuit

By working with a rideshare lawyer and filing a lawsuit for an Uber kidnapping or abduction, you can keep Uber accountable and potentially influence the company’s policies to improve safety for other Uber users. You can also receive compensation for expenses related to your injury, including psychotherapy, healthcare bills, and loss of income. A qualified Uber lawyer can file a kidnapping lawsuit on your behalf. Filing an Uber lawsuit also helps some individuals to feel empowered after their traumatic event.

If you were a victim of an Uber kidnapping or abduction, there will likely be a police report of the incident. This can be important in building a legal case. Victims and witnesses are encouraged to write down or otherwise record their experiences as soon as they can. This increases the likelihood of important details to be included in the account of the event.

Some important details to record, if possible, are:

  • The time and date of the incident
  • Who was involved
  • A description of the kidnapper
  • Small details that would help identify specific individuals (anything that stuck out to you)

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Here at The Meneo Law Group, we practice excellence in our field of law. Attorney Ron Meneo has formed a team of legal experts that excels in handling personal injury cases, including Uber kidnapping cases. We partner with other law firms as needed to offer our clients the best legal services that we can across the nation. We will treat your case as unique and work with you to find ways to maximize compensation for your injuries.

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