Uber Physical Assault and Attacks: Passengers and Drivers

Uber Physical Assault and Attacks

Uber physical assaults have been extensively reported on in the news. These physical assaults are often associated with more severe assaults like carjackings, kidnappings, and shootings. Physical assault can also lead to sexual assault or rape. Since Uber came into the spotlight for assault cases, they have made some improvements and additions to safety features. But the company continues to be called out by users for negligence. Both drivers and passengers can be victims of Uber physical assault.

Between 2017 and 2020, 39 fatal physical assaults were reported to Uber. Unfortunately, Uber only reports on fatal physical assaults, leaving many cases unknown. Uber can be held liable for a physical assault if certain criteria are met. An Uber lawyer can help you understand if your case meets those criteria. Below are two examples of physical assault related to Uber services.

Uber Driver Attacked by Man and Woman in Texas

In 2022, an unnamed Uber driver in Houston was beaten and robbed after he told two individuals to leave his car. The riders had been changing their drop off location repeatedly and the driver became frustrated and asked them to leave his vehicle. Instead, the man and woman began to beat him until he was unconscious. Investigators said that they continued to beat the man then stole his vehicle and wallet. The man and woman were both charged with aggravated robbery with serious bodily injury.

Uber Driver Injured in California Robbery

In California, a man and a woman assaulted an Uber driver as part of a robbery. The driver was stabbed in the face and neck. He was found by police and gave a description of the two individuals that assaulted him. The woman was taken into custody, while the male was on the run at the time of reporting. The driver was able to get to a hospital, where it was reported he was in stable condition. Uber released a brief statement regarding the situation.

Filing an Uber Physical Assault Lawsuit

A rideshare lawyer can file a lawsuit on your behalf to help you obtain damages related to your Uber physical assault. Filing an Uber lawsuit can also help to keep Uber accountable and potentially influence the company’s safety policies. This means that your actions can be a step toward ensuring the number of assaults lessens. Financial compensation may be available if you do file a lawsuit. Money from a lawsuit can help with medical expenses, therapy costs, loss of income and more.

Victims of Uber physical assaults will likely have access to medical records and police reports. These documents are important to have if you do choose to file a lawsuit. Writing down one’s account of the events can also be helpful. This helps ensure there is accuracy and detail in the victim’s account of the event. Important details to write or record include the time and date of the incident, the individuals or groups involved, a description of the attacker or attackers, and small details that may help identify specific individuals (tattoos, etc).

Why Hire The Meneo Law Group?

Attorney Ron Meneo leads The Meneo Law Group. He has over 25 years of experience representing personal injury victims. Attorney Meneo’s team of legal experts excels in handling physical and sexual assault cases including Uber physical assaults. The Meneo Law Group treats each case with individualized attention and the utmost of care to ensure the most favorable outcome for clients.

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