Lyft Physical Assault and Attacks: Passengers and Drivers

Lyft Physical Assault and Attacks

The media regularly features headlines discussing physical assaults that happen with Lyft rideshare services. Oftentimes these physical assaults are part of a robbery. In other cases, carjackings, kidnappings or shootings may be a part of the attack. Physical assault can also lead to sexual assault or rape.

At one time, Lyft was perceived as a safe alternative to Uber. It soon became apparent that Lyft had the same issues as Uber, and both companies have had to improve their safety processes. But more must be done. 10 fatal physical assaults were reported to Lyft between 2017 and 2019. Lyft does not include non-fatal physical assaults in its safety reporting. If certain criteria are met, Lyft can be held liable for your physical assault. An experienced Lyft lawyer can help you understand the legal process and file a lawsuit on your behalf. Below are two examples of physical assaults that took place on the Lyft platform.

Maryland Lyft Driver Forced Into Trunk, Robbed

A Baltimore Lyft driver was left with minor injuries after going out to pick up a rider. Upon reaching the location, the driver was met by four people, three with masks on. Upon reaching the destination, the attackers worked together to rob the driver of his iPhone and Apple Watch, then force the driver into the trunk. The driver was able to escape using an emergency latch. The victim then flagged down a fellow Uber driver and was able to call 911. The attackers left the scene with the stolen car.

Arkansas Driver Choked During Lyft Ride

In Little Rock, a male driver for Lyft picked up a passenger named “T.” Upon reaching their destination, the passenger told the driver to keep driving then choked the driver from behind the driver’s seat. The victim woke up on the ground of a parking lot and was helped by employees. His phone and vehicle were stolen, but the phone was recovered. The driver that sustained a physical assault spoke out against Lyft, saying riders should be verified the same way drivers are. This is an example of an action Lyft could take to improve user safety.

Filing a Lyft Physical Assault Lawsuit

A qualified rideshare lawyer can help you obtain compensation for your physical assault injuries by filing a Lyft lawsuit on your behalf. Compensation can be sought for loss of income, medical expenses and medical bills related to your injury. Lyft is also kept accountable for their negligence, in part, through lawsuits. For example, Lyft has changed some of its policies to make rides safer for users after facing numerous lawsuits.

Lyft physical assault victims will likely have informational records related to their assault. These documents may include police reports and medical records, and they can be very important in filing a a claim against Lyft. It is also important for victims to personally document their personal account of the event. Important details include the time and place of the event, a description of the attacker or attackers, and noteworthy details that may help identify specific individuals. The sooner you can document the event, the easier it will be to evaluate your potential case.

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