Lyft Carjacking Lawsuits

Lyft Carjacking Lawsuits

Lyft carjackings have become an expected news story. Over the years, Lyft has made some improvements for user safety, but the continued carjackings and Lyft assault cases show more must be done. Lawsuits are among the actions taken against Lyft that have driven these changes. The company has also faced lawsuits for physical assault related to Lyft services. Uber has also faced lawsuits for carjackings.

Physical assault is very often a part of carjackings. Sexual assaults, rapes, kidnappings and shootings related to Lyft rides also occur. Lyft continues to settle claims over its issues of negligence, which the company does its best to distance itself from. Below are two examples of Lyft carjackings.

Michigan Man Accused of Carjacking 4 Lyft Drivers

A defendant was named in a 2022 criminal complaint after allegedly participating in carjackings around the city of Detroit, using a handgun to demand money, vehicles and for the victims’ clothes to be removed. The individual was caught after ATF became involved in the case, tracking him through his Google account and matching his social security number. He was identified through several other means before an arrest was made. Cellphone data led to probable cause that he was involved in 4 different carjackings.

Minnesota Man Pleads Guilty to Carjacking Conspiracy

In 2022, a Minneapolis man plead guilty to targeting Lyft and Uber drivers and pulling a gun on an FBI agent. In fall of 2021, a male Lyft user participated in a carjacking and armed robbery ring. The scheme involved using rideshare apps to lure drivers to specific destinations, where co-conspirators would flank the vehicle and rob the victims while also stealing the cars. Victims were physically assaulted and threatened with murder to force compliance.

When trying to execute an arrest warrant on the suspect, he pointed a pistol at a federal agent then fled on foot. The man was apprehended and pleaded guilty to a count related to firearms and a count of assaulting a federal officer.

Filing a Lawsuit for a Lyft Carjacking

Lyft can be held liable for carjacking where there is evidence of negligence. This is also true in the case of Uber carjackings. An expert Lyft lawyer can help you determine if your case fits criteria to file a lawsuit. Lawsuits are part of the reason Lyft continues to improve safety features for its drivers. A rideshare lawyer can file a lawsuit on your behalf and give you guidance through the legal process. A good attorney will do most of the work for you. A lawsuit can lead to a settlement or verdict for compensation covering medical bills, psychotherapy or loss of income that is related to your case, among other damages.

If you or a loved one was a victim in a Lyft carjacking, there are likely important records regarding your case. These records most often include medical documentation and police reports. This information can be very helpful in filing a successful Lyft carjacking lawsuit. Victims and witnesses should also document their account of the carjacking event. This ensures that details are accurate and specific. Be sure to include the time and place of the incident, the individuals or groups involved, descriptions of the attacker (or the attackers), and specific details that stuck out to you.

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