Priest and Clergy Sexual Abuse in Vermont

Vermont Abolishes Statute of Limitations in Child Sex Abuse Cases

In 2019, Governor Phil Scott signed a new law that repealed the previous six–year statute of limitations for victims of childhood sexual abuse to bring civil lawsuits against perpetrators. This includes victims whose claims had previously passed the statute of limitations and were time barred. This means that regardless of when an act of sexual abuse occurred and regardless of how old the victim now is, they can file a civil claim against their abuser and any institution potentially involved in the abuse. The is one of the strongest laws passed in the country to date in support of childhood victims of sexual abuse.

Clergy Members Credibly Accused of Abusing Children in Vermont

Diocese of Burlington Releases Names of Credibly Accused Priests

The Diocese of Burlington oversees all parishes in the state of Vermont. In October 2018, Burlington Bishop Christopher J. Coyne decided to join other dioceses nationwide that have released the names of priests who have been credibly accused of sexual abuse against children. A committee was appointed by Bishop Coyne that would review decades worth of records to determine which priests could “credibly” be added to the list if allegations satisfied one or more of the following thresholds: Natural, plausible and probable; corroborated with other evidence or another source; or acknowledged/admitted to by the accused. In August 2019, the diocese released a list of 40 names that they deemed credibly accused. In an effort to protect the victims’ identities, the committee did not release the details of allegations or when or where the abuse occurred.

While the list is a positive step forward, the committee admitted that the diocese’s record keeping system was inadequate and incomplete and has recommended the diocese adopt a formal tracking system and database or reported allegations. This could be taken to mean there are other priests who were not included on the list due to insufficient records but could be in the future. If you or a loved one were abused by a priest in Vermont, whether on the list or not, new legislation that has removed the statute of limitations for child sexual abuse claims and will allow you to bring civil claims against abusers regardless of when the abuse took place.

Important note: If the name of a priest or other member of clergy you are searching for does not appear in the lists below, it does not mean that you do not have a potential claim against that individual. These lists of credibly accused individuals are always expanding as more information is brought forth to the dioceses and to authorities. Please contact us if you or a loved one has been abused by a priest or other clergy member, regardless of whether they appear in the lists below or not.

Diocese of Burlington40 Named Priests

Diocese of Burlington

The following list contains Priests and Clergy from the Diocese of Burlington, Vermont whom have been the objects of legal settlements or otherwise credibly accused of sexual abuse of a minor:

Priests of the Diocese of Burlington

  • Robert J. Baffa
  • Donald A. Bean
  • James E. Beauregard
  • Conrad A. Bessette
  • Paul M. Bresnahan
  • Donald A. Bruneau
  • James J. Campbell
  • Leo J. Courcy Jr.
  • Robert E. Devoy
  • Joseph H. Dussault
  • John F. Eastman
  • James F. Foley
  • Edward C. Foster
  • William P. Gallagher
  • Edward J. Gelineau
  • John A. Guischard
  • John “Jack” B. Kenney
  • Dennis J. Laroche
  • Michael K. Madden
  • Charles G. Many
  • James J. Mcshane Jr.
  • Brian E. Mead
  • Walter D. Miller
  • Joseph Maxime Mooney
  • George O. Murtagh
  • Stephen J. Nichols
  • Edward O. Paquette
  • George A. Paulin
  • Raymond C. Provost
  • Daniel F. Roberts
  • Forrest W. Rouelle
  • Emile W. Savary
  • Ronald A. Soutiere
  • Richard E. Thompson
  • Charles A. Towne
  • Raymond D. Walsh
  • Donal D. Ward
  • Alfred Willis
  • Benjamin D. Wysolmerski

Priests of the Diocese of Burlington Accused in Other Jurisdictions

  • Mark “Andrew” L. Quillen


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