Priest and Clergy Sexual Abuse in Maine

Clergy Members Credibly Accused of Abusing Children in Maine

The following list includes current or former priests who have been sued and/or suspended following allegations of sexual abuse of minors or have claims against them in the state of Maine. We are actively pursuing cases against Catholic priests and clergy as well as figures from Maine dioceses.

Important note: If the name of a priest or other member of clergy you are searching for does not appear in the lists below, it does not mean that you do not have a potential claim against that individual. These lists of credibly accused individuals are always expanding as more information is brought forth to the dioceses and to authorities. Please contact us if you or a loved one has been abused by a priest or other clergy member, regardless of whether they appear in the lists below or not.

Diocese of Portland

The following list contains Priests and Clergy from the Diocese of Portland, Maine have been the objects of legal settlements or otherwise credibly accused of sexual abuse of a minor:

  • Sister Alexis-du-Sacre-Coeur
  • John L. Audibert
  • George Beaudet
  • Louis F. Berube
  • Charles Bigelin
  • Phillip J. Boivin
  • Henry A. Boltz
  • William B. Cahill
  • Antonin R. (Tony) Caron
  • Herve G. Carrier
  • Frederick A. Carrigan
  • Ralph Corbeil
  • Paul E. Coughlin
  • Marcel Crete
  • John Crozier
  • John J. Curran
  • Armand Cyr
  • Joseph C. Dooley
  • Michael L. Doucette
  • Dominique Doyon
  • Louis Philippe Fiset
  • Paul L. Gauvin
  • Antonio M. Girardin
  • Peter Paul Gorham
  • Renald C. Hallee
  • John E. Harris
  • Thomas Henderson
  • Ernest Justin Hill
  • Francis J. Kane
  • Laurent Laplante
  • Raymond J. Lauzon
  • Thomas M. Lee
  • Lucien Mandeville
  • Shawn McEnany
  • Joseph R. (J.R.) McGowan
  • Lucien McKeone
  • Raymond P. Melville
  • Leo James Michaud
  • Rosario E. Ouellette
  • Albert Pellerin
  • Michael L. Plourde
  • Marcel L. Robitaille
  • Joseph C. Romani
  • Christian F. Roy
  • Lawrence A. Sabatino
  • John Shorty
  • Armand/Br. Raymond Thibault
  • James P. Vallely


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