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The diet drug fen-phen combines two different drugs: phentermine and fenfluoramine. Fenfluoramine and the related drug dex-fenfluoramine have been withdrawn from the U.S. market due to their propensity to cause cardiac damage. We have represented over 400 clients who were injured as a result of taking Diet Drugs (Fen-phen) including people suffering from valvular heart disease, endocardial fibrosis, and Primary Pulmonary Hypertension (PPH), an often fatal respiratory illness. Through our hard work, diligence and perseverance, we obtained over $60 million in recoveries for clients who were injured as a result of using Diet Drugs.

We brought claims both in the courts and in the Nationwide Diet Drug (fen-phen) Settlement. Our clients suffered various cardiac injuries as a result of their use of fen-phen. Most injuries involved two heart valves – the aortic and mitral valves. Among the many claims we have handled, we represented the families of two young women who died after taking Diet Drugs. On their behalf, we zealously prosecuted claims based on a finding of endocardial fibrosis. These two claims were among only a handful of such Diet Drug claims brought to a successful conclusion nationwide. We also represented several clients afflicted with PPH, resolving their cases and obtaining substantial recoveries for them and their families.

Though many law firms stopped handling fen-phen cases years ago, we continued to represent individuals whose injuries qualified as "Progression Claims" under the Nationwide Diet Drug (fen-phen) Settlement In prior years, these individuals exhibited signs of mild cardiac valve damage that, over the ensuing years, progressed to serious valvular injury requiring valve repair or replacement surgery. Unlike other law firms that turned these injured people away, we continued to provide legal representation to this group of individuals who had viable claims based upon their use of fen-phen. We are proud of our record of helping people harmed by fen-phen, especially those whose injuries progressed over time and were turned away by other law firms.

This Litigation Has Concluded – MLG is Not Accepting New Cases

This litigation has concluded and we are proud to report that our clients' claims have been successfully resolved. The amounts of all individual client recoveries are confidential, both by settlement agreement and by attorney-client privilege. MLG is no longer accepting cases involving this product.

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