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Facts About Pradaxa® Bleeding Risks

  • Pradaxa® Bleeding Pradaxa® (dabigatran) is Prescribed as an Anti-clotting Medication — Since its introduction in the US in October 2010, there have been numerous reports of bleeding injuries, most notably hemorrhages, associated with the use of Pradaxa®. Published reports indicate that as of August 2011 – some 10 months since approval – there were 1.1million Pradaxa® prescriptions written for the 371,000 US patients were taking Pradaxa®.
  • FDA Warns of Hemorrhage/Risk of Excessive Bleeding — In December, 2011, the FDA issued a Drug Safety Communication in which it announced that it would undertake a Safety Review of Pradaxa® in order to examine serious bleeding injuries – in particular hemorrhagic strokes which can lead to death and disability.
  • Five (5) Year Lag in the Introduction of Reversal Agent Praxbind® — It is striking that five (5) years elapsed bestween the time that Pradaxa® entered the U.S. market and a rescue agent to save patients from uncontrollable bleeding caused by Pradaxa® was made available. Why Praxbind® was not developed and made available at the same time Pradaxa® entered the market remains elusive. Also troubling is that the wholesale cost of one prescribed dose of Praxbind® is $3,500. It has been suggested that Praxbind® should be available at no cost if the use of Pradaxa® carries the risk of severe, uncontrollable bleeding.
  • Risk of Bleeding Injury and Pradaxa® Deaths — Even before the FDA issued its safety alert, at the end of March, 2011, the FDA’s Adverse Event Reporting System(AERS) included over 900 reports of serious adverse events associated with the use of Pradaxa®. These included both abdominal(gastrointestinal) hemorrhages as well as hemorrhagic strokes(bleeding in the brain).Over 60 of these hemorrhages resulted in death.There were 60 additional deaths, 25 reports involving permanent disability and over 500 cases in which the patients were hospitalized.The reports seem to signal that the apparent risk of serious bleeding injuries may be greatest for elderly patients, particularly those who are 80 years of age and older.At the time of these reports, fewer than 300,000 Pradaxa® prescriptions had been dispensed in the US.
  • Black Box Warning — Prescribing information for Pradaxa® is required to carry the U.S Food and Drug Administration’s strongest warning, a boxed warning, which is designed to call out attention to serious or life - threatening risks associated with a prescription drug.

Attorney Ron Meneo & The Meneo Law Group

  • Ron Meneo Attorney Ron Meneo manages and leads The Meneo Law Group. Your case will be personally reviewed and evaluated by him. Providing us with information about your case enables us to understand the nature of your injury and its probable cause. This allows us to make our conversation with you as productive as possible.
  • For the past 15 years, and with a Martindale Hubbell "Preeminent AV Rating" (the highest possible rating in both Legal Ability and Ethical Standards), Attorney Meneo has successfully represented hundreds of clients who have been injured by defective drugs and medical products.
  • In 2012, the Meneo Law Group was among the first law firms in the country to initiate litigation against Boehringer Ingelheim, the manufacturer and seller of Pradaxa®. Having learned of reports of serious, uncontrolled bleeding events associated with the use of Pradaxa®, we promptly began investigating bleeding injuries sustained by our clients.
  • At the forefront of the Pradaxa® litigation, the Meneo Law Group and our co-counsel filed some of the first product liability cases against the manufacturer, whose principal place of business is located in Connecticut. Our lead case was the first in the country to be assigned a trial date. Having filed numerous cases in Connecticut state court, we served as Co-Lead Counsel for all Connecticut cases. In that role, we negotiated and pressed for several Case Management Orders (CMOs) that governed the Connecticut Pradaxa® Litigation that was consolidated before Complex Litigation Judge Grant Miller sitting in Hartford, Connecticut. We also took several of the early depositions of company witnesses, brought motions to compel discovery and prepared for what was scheduled to be the 2nd Pradaxa® product liability trial in the United States (Frank Sardinha v. Boehringer Ingelheim). Press Clipping is available here: 5-18-12CT Law Trib - (236kb).
  • In the nationwide Multi-District Pradaxa® Litigation consolidated in St. Louis before U.S. District Court Judge David Herndon, we were appointed as State-Federal Liaison Counsel for Connecticut. We also served on the Plaintiffs' Negotiating Committee that reached a $650 million settlement with Boehringer Ingelheim. We have the experience necessary to help you with your claim.

Filing a Pradaxa® Lawsuit

  • Pradaxa® What should I do if I have concerns about Pradaxa®? You should contact your doctor if you have not already done so. You and your doctor can discuss your concerns and options regarding your medical care and medications.
  • What are my legal options? — Your legal options include the right to be compensated for any bleeding injury that is linked to the use of Pradaxa® as well as for the expense, mental anguish and inconvenience you incur as a result of any medical and rehabilitation treatment. The Meneo Law Group is currently evaluating bleeding injuries associated with the use of the anti-blood-clotting drug Pradaxa® and not only has the experience and skill to handle your Pradaxa® litigation, but also has a proven track record of acquiring settlements for people, like you, who have been injured by dangerous drugs marketed to consumers.
  • Do I have to advance money for costs? — No, you do not have to advance any moneys for costs. We will advance the money necessary to pay for the out-of-pocket costs required to prosecute your case. If you receive a settlement or award, we will be reimbursed out of the settlement for the costs we advanced on your behalf. If you do not receive a settlement or award, you owe nothing.
  • How soon will you begin work on my case? — As soon as we receive your signed Retainer Agreement, we will begin work on your case. The initial phase of this work will be to conduct and interview with you, obtain medical records and evaluate your potential claim. To do so, you also need to sign and return the HIPPA medical releases.

Holding Drug and Medical Device Companies Accountable

  • Pradaxa Case Evaluation Too often the true extent and scope of the dangers associated with a particular prescription drug or medical device are hidden from the medical profession and patients. Whether from downplaying the risks or simply ignoring evidence of them, these companies reap billions of dollars in profits at the expense of patient health and safety. When this occurs, these companies must be held accountable.
  • The power and proclivity of the Food and Drug Administration to hold these companies accountable only extend so far. For individual patients who have been harmed by defective drugs and medical devices, the court system is usually the only pathway for justice.
  • We have a proven track record of holding drug and medical device manufacturers accountable for injuries sustained by our clients and for monetary damages caused by those injuries.

Financial Help

Financial Consequences of Personal Injury

  • The financial burdens resulting from personal injury can be substantial and include the costs of hospitalization, surgery, doctors, rehabilitation, physical and occupational therapy, travel, prescription medications and other items. In addition, there is likely pain and suffering and oftentimes a loss of current and future income, of family and spousal consortium, and of the enjoyment of pre-injury activities and mobility. In cases of severe and/or permanent injury, the future costs of care, treatment, maintenance and support can be overwhelming.
  • Insurance may only go so far in covering these costs and losses. Legal action may be the only way to protect yourself and your family to obtain adequate moneys to address your needs and secure your and your family's future.
Protect your Rights

Protect Your Rights

  • Personal injury claims, including those for product liability and negligence, are subject to various statutes of limitation. These laws limit the amount of time within which a claim for monetary damages may be brought against the company or person responsible for the injuries. Consequently, acting promptly to protect your, or a loved one's, legal claims and rights is imperative.
  • Statutes of limitation vary from state to state. Generally, they can begin to run from either the date of your injury or the date you first discovered that the injury may have been caused by a defective product. These are important distinctions that may impact your legal rights.
  • If you or a loved one suffered a drug or medical device injury or a type of personal injury claim that we are investigating, we welcome the opportunity to talk with you.

Disclaimer: Submission of information to The Meneo Law Group does not establish an attorney-client relationship and should not be viewed or understood as doing so. An attorney-client relationship can only be established by the agreement of both the attorney and the client and must be reduced to a written retainer agreement that has been signed by both parties.

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Please fill in the form to request a FREE case evaluation from one of our attorneys if you or a loved one has suffered a hemorrhage, bleeding injury or post-surgery wound complication while taking Pradaxa®.


Have you or someone you know suffered a hemorrhage, bleeding injury or post-surgery wound complication while taking Pradaxa®? *

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 All personal information will be kept private.